Discovering new talent is often a daunting task; however, when the formula is complete, all parts, synergistic, the sky is the limit. Bulgarian native Svet was a Classical- trained violinist; conversely as soon as he discovered the fascinating world of hip hop, he began doing something extraordinary. His combination of his classical skills combined with elements of hip-hop, pop, house and reggaeton, fused an incredible sound, allowing him to move with ease throughout the industry without any limits. He has performed with many of the brightest stars in the business such as; Tpain, Trina, Trick Daddy and is swiftly on his way to defining himself as the next sound of tomorrow.

Svet was born on September 3rd 1986 in Eastern Europe and at the age of only three, he displayed his unique talent on the Violin. Through dedication, determination and discipline, his early compositions on piano and violin won him a scholarship to the legendary Eastman School of Music. As a violinist, singer and music producer, Svet is now one of the few if not the only one in the industry with such horizon. “I love the fact that I can elevate music to the next level. It gives me a great feeling watching people enjoying and dancing to my music”.

At the age of 25, Svet has been featured on networks such as ABC, BET and MTV and is now on his collaborative journey with other artists. He was featured on 106&Park 2009 as he performed for superstars Jamie Fox and Kanye West. In May of 2011 Svet was nominated for “Talent of the Week” by the most influential Hip-Hop website in the world, allowing his video to receive over 100,000 views in little over a week. Through persistent Touring and Recording schedules, Svet continues to attract the ears of new listeners.