Since running around his hometown of Azua, south of the Dominican Republic, Ramfis Reyes stood out for sustained energy.

At age 5 he moved to live in Santo Domingo, he called the attention and sympathy of European and North American tourists he attended, collecting tennis balls on the court of the five-star Dominican Concorde hotel.

His talent for playing tennis manifested on the court and, at age 14, he was already competing in local tournaments. At 17 he was # 1 in the national ranking after winning his first tennis champion title in the Dominican Republic.

By then, he was so skinny that he was identified with Kalimete's nickname since he was as thin as a sorbet or "Straw."

The Dominican tennis champion became a member of All Star or national team and participated, represented in the Dominican Republic, in various international tournaments. Thus, it became included in the world ranking of youth category by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The ceiling of its market value would come with the exclusivity contract made by Nike as an instructor of the Nike camps.

Universities and colleges in the USA were interested in Ramfis Reyes and became a professional tennis instruction technician. The word of mouth of his quality as an instructor led him to be the coach of Serena and Venus Williams who, at present, are one of the most successful players in world tennis.