Jau-D dreamed of getting very far from what his surroundings of Santiago de los Caballeros offered, in his native Dominican Republic. Born on May 14 in a humble family but surrounded by the love of his parents and younger siblings, Yendy DurĂ¡n sensed that he was going to go far. Despite suffering separation from his parents when he was only 5 years old, he was a child who never stopped dreaming in a promising and important future. At that young age, he told his mother not to be discouraged ... "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a baseball player or a singer," and he never stopped fighting to make that child's dream possible.

Life smiled at him very early. His father traveled and settled in the United States. Soon he sent for young Yendy and his life of deprivation took a resounding and radical turn. New York welcomes him with open arms and young Yendy begins to improve, gets educated in that city and at the age of 12, shows tremendous maturity by seeking the opportunity to progress and help his mother and little brothers who were left behind in the Republic.

When he entered his adolescent stage, he began to make good friends among his high school classmates and decided to form a reggaetton group. With that temper that distinguished him as a child, at age 13 he recorded his first musical theme in that genre. He gets a lot of acceptance as a singer and decides to take his career seriously and not as a hobby.

Another jump in his destiny puts him in contact with Jason Tejada and from the first moment a very positive chemistry arises between them. They decide to work together and make singing their profession.

From then on, he stops calling himself Yendy and becomes Jau-D, the figure that today is emerging as one of the most representative courtyard artists of Latin youth who aspires to go far.

"Not every beginning is easy," says Jau-D who risked the little money the group had to promote his music and his career. With great efforts and tremendous anxieties they gradually created their own fanaticism, which showed great loyalty and today these fans follow Jau-D wherever he appears.

Every artist has his great moment. For Jau-D, the year 2011 was the decisive one for his career. He decided to venture into the genre of bachata at a time when this genus had climbed to the crest of the wave. With great success he decides to record his first CD for this genre in the outstanding studio "Calpio Music Studio". There, surrounded by connoisseurs of the genre, Jau-D attracts the attention of producer and singer Javier, aka "Bad Faith." The latter decides to support the new value and encourages him to restart Jau-D's career internationally as a bachatero and they are fully dedicated to preparing the themes of the new CD “Get crazy”, about to go on the market in the coming days .

With compositions and arrangements very well worked and carefully directed interpretation, Jau-D is outlined in this production as an accomplished interpreter of Dominican bitterness, but with inflections of great romantic content that make his songs a true delight for the ear. His fanatic looks forward to this new vein of Jau-D, which we do not doubt that this new value of bachata will be able to impose itself definitively as an accomplished interpreter.