Funk Flex sets trends. His name is known around the world and for more than a decade now, Funk Flex has reigned as America's No. 1 radio personality, reaching more than 2 million listeners a week on Hot 97. When he's on the air, an estimated 10% of everybody tuned into a radio in the metropolitan New York area is listening to him.

Funk Flex has developed his own mini-empire of car-customizing television programming. Flex first experienced television success with the runaway success of his Spike TV show, "Ride with Funk Flex." Flex then went to ESPN with his television shows "All Muscle with Funk Flex" and "Car Wars with Funk Flex." In "All Muscle with Funk Flex" he can be seen interviewing and customizing the cars of leading sports celebrities from the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball and the world of Hip-Hop. In "Car Wars with Funk Flex" viewers watch what it takes to build a car worthy of a spot at the Funk Flex Custom Car and Bike Show Tour. The winner of the show received a $50,000 cash prize.

In 2009, Flex is back at Spike TV and reigns supreme with his new show, “Fast Machines with Funk Flex” produced by MTE. The show focuses on Flex creating the latest in customizations on today's hottest new cars as well as his signature classic car customizations. The series includes many popular celebrities including Dale Earnhardt Jr., LL Cool J, Danica Patrick, 50 Cent, Terrell Owens, T-Pain, Jermaine Dupree, Fat Joe and Jim Jones.

Besides being apart of his own television shows, Flex has appeared on American Choppers, Overhaulin', Car Crazy TV and the Video Game Awards as a co-producer and musical supervisor. He was also co-host of Autorox, the first-ever nationally televised Auto Awards Show.

Funk Flex's love affair with automobiles is no on-air gimmick. He is a true custom car fanatic. So much so, The New York Times recently dubbed him the "evangelist of hip hop car culture." He founded Team Baurtwell, the highest profile custom-car club around with members like Shaquille O'Neil, musicians Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, NASCAR Drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick, and professional baseball athletes Jason Giambi and Manny Ramirez.

Flex is the consultant to the hottest car accessory companies, consulting them on a host of issues, especially product placement and future advertising. This knowledge has led to numerous endorsement deals from some of the biggest companies in the game.

In recent years, Flex has become the one-stop source for the latest and greatest in the world of customizing. When chart-topping artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris, Queen Latifah, P. Diddy, T-Pain and Chris Brown need advice on the latest trends in automotive customizing, they need make only one phone call to their man…Funk Flex. As if that wasn't enough, Flex leads one of the industry's largest and most effective street marketing powerhouses - Franchise Marketing.

Funk Flex is single-handedly reinventing American car culture for the new urban audience. Not only does Flex represent his own line of hi-octane automotive accessories, but he also developed and promotes an annual eight-city Funk Flex Custom Car & Bike Show Tour. The tour brings the most exclusive and expensive candy-colored rides to fans in cities & countries as far-flung as Canada, Daytona Beach, Louisville, Houston and Los Angeles.

The Funk Flex Custom Car & Bike Show Tour also showcases the premier show for sneaker enthusiasts, "The Funk Flex Sneaker Battle." The Battle brings together sneaker enthusiasts and everyone involved in the culture of hip-hop, graffiti, djing, sneakers, clothing, art, and overall fashion. It showcases the collection of sneaker enthusiasts from all over the Globe, who will compete for cash and prizes. The collections will cover all independent and major footwear brands. Stay tuned for some crazy collaborations with Flex and the Sneaker Community.

The bottom line is this: Funk Flex has an enormous presence with today's most desirable target audience. When he plays a record, it becomes a hit. When he sponsors an event, it sets attendance records. When he markets a product, people buy it.

Flex is known, respected, but most importantly…he is trusted. Funk Flex offers something that truly can not be bought. He has credibility, and that makes him...